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Community description:A Legend fan community
Howdy Folks!

Welcome to Nicodemus_Noted, a fan community for the TV show, Legend! Legend ran for 12 episodes in 1995 on UPN in the US, and various networks elsewhere in the world. It starred Richard Dean Anderson as Ernest Pratt|Nicodemus Legend, and John de Lancie as Janos Bartok, using scientific knowledge and imaginative ways to do good in the ol' west.

Community Rules

You are welcome to post anything you like concerning Legend. This may be in the form of fan fiction, fan art, meta, reviews, screencaps, really anything your heart desires! Please provide ratings in the subject line, and place any mature or lengthy content under a cut. All genres are welcome, gen, ship, slash. Play nice or we will swoop down upon you using the Legend Wings!

Feel free to contact [personal profile] annejack & [personal profile] magnavox_23 for any other queries you may have.

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